About us

Waytation offers the first seamless IoT solution to capture and analyze the full visitor journey at conferences and international trade fairs.

Our technology has been successfully implemented used at the EASL, ECR, AAE and CEBIT, amongst many other events. 

In 2019, we are very much looking forward to providing valuable analytical insights to exhibitors, trade fairs and event organizers at the following upcoming projects: Deutsche Messe, Hannover Messe, RAI Amsterdam, Reed Exhibitions and many others. 

Our Plug-and-Play hardware allows hassle-free installation and simple setup without the need of smartphones, scanners, RFID or WiFi. By using our self-developed sensors, which are distributed invisibly throughout the location, all visitors wearing a “WayTag” will be tracked via Bluetooth technology, through small beacons attached to their name badges.

Over night, all collected data will be processed and then made available to visitors via a personal, user friendly web interface, the “Waytation Journey”.

Visitors receive their own diary, the “Waytation Journey”, where they can review all exhibitors and sessions they visited and even contact them after the event. 

Our solution helps understanding customer behavior and measuring the overall performance starting from the complete area, to zones, sessions, booths and even individually selected hot spots.

On top of that, Waytation offers automated session attendance counting and CME/CDP granting. Furthermore, our data analysis provides a comprehensive overview of dwell times, entries, even re-entries, visitor flows and many others key performance indicators.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art solution exhibitors are now able to measure their ROI, raise their brand awareness, receive valuable data insights and can therefore increase their show performance and optimize their trade fair appearance in future events.

Waytation löst eindeutig ein problem und das auf sehr effiziente und elegante weise. die beiden founder florian und cemsit haben einen klaren zug zum tor und haben mich schnell überzeugt. Wir werden von waytation noch viel gutes hören.

Hansi Hansmann, Best European Early Stage Investor 2015

Team Members

front face image of waytation CEO - Cemsit Yelgin

Cemsit Yelgin

CEO & Founder

front face image of waytation COO - Matthias Zimmermann

Matthias Zimmermann

Chief Operating Officer

front face image of our Human Ressource Managerin - Oeznur Aslan

Öznur Aslan

HR Managerin

front face image of our Head of Customer Experience - Konrad Friedrich

Konrad Friedrich

Head of Customer Experience

front face image of our Senior Business Development Manager - Nina Eibl-Hartung

Nina Eibl-Hartung

Senior Business Development Manager

front face image of our Sales and Key Account Manager - Behnoud Seifi

Christopher Wehsner

Event & Project Manager

front face image of our Backoffice and Finance Managerin - Semra Yekdes

Semra Yekdes

Finance Managerin

Walter Sereinig

Lead Backend Developer

Recep Yelgin

Test Engineer

Ali Yelgin

Logistik-Leiter/Office Management

Andreas Siedler

Frontend Developer

front face image of our Data Scientist - Tobias

Tobias Haftner

Data Scientist

front face image of our Data Scientist - Lukas

Lukas Wiedemann

Data Scientist

front face image of our Data Engineer - Lorenzo

Lorenzo Alfine

Data Engineer